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The Zero Capital Partnership scheme links building owners with EPC firms to maximise building energy efficiency retrofits.

SGBC-BCA Zero Capital Partnership Scheme

Smaller building owners may not have the capital and technical expertise necessary to implement energy efficient retrofit projects on their own, deterring them from greening their buildings for greater efficiency and reaping substantial cost savings.

The SGBC-BCA Zero Capital Partnership Scheme addresses these critical concerns by providing the building owner with the expertise of an SGBS1 accredited energy performance contracting (EPC) firm. The EPC firm serves as a one-stop solution for both minor and major retrofit options, can provide financing options and also facilitate the application of relevant grants or incentive schemes to fund the retrofit works.

Through the Scheme, the building owner can work with a proven EPC firm achieve greater energy efficiency with zero capital outlay.

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The EPC firm can perform the following:

  • Conduct an energy audit and propose retrofit and optimisation solutions.
  • Finance the retrofit works and/or assist building owners to obtain relevant grants2
  • Apply for and facilitate the assessment process for Green Mark scheme certification.


Relevant Grants

Building owners can tap on the following grants through the SGBC-BCA Zero Capital Partnership Scheme:




Interested building owners can approach any of the EPC firms participating in the SGBC-BCA Zero Capital Partnership Scheme as listed below:




1Singapore Green Building Services labelling scheme
2GMIS-EB Health Check, GMIS-EBP and BREEF