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Lead the Way in Sustainability

The SGBC-BCA Leadership in Sustainability Awards is a biennial programme organised by the Singapore Green Building Council (SGBC) and Building and Construction Authority (BCA) to recognise and celebrate outstanding achievements in built environment sustainability.

The Awards honour Singapore’s exceptional green building professionals, pioneering organisations, and groundbreaking green building projects for their positive impact and significant contribution in advancing a green and sustainable built environment. Award Winners will be honoured at the SGBC Gala Dinner 2024 on 6 June 2024.

Read about the Winners of the SGBC-BCA Leadership in Sustainability Awards 2024 here.

Award Categories

Professional Leadership in Sustainability

SGBC and BCA reserve the right not to award accolades in any Award Category.

The Green Mark Champion and Green Mark Pearl will be put on hold in 2024 for an extensive review.

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Professional Leadership in Sustainability

The Professional Leadership in Sustainability Award honours the achievements of Singapore’s Green Mark Accredited Professionals (GMAPs) and Green Mark Advanced Accredited Professionals (GMAAPs). The Award is presented to green building professionals who are driving positive change in built environment sustainability and have made exemplary contributions to green building development.

The Award is open to professionals in built environment and sustainability related fields e.g. Architects, Builders, Engineers, Environmental Sustainability Consultants, Facilities Managers and other Green Building Professions. In recognition of accomplishment in the foundational years of their career, Winners below the age of 40 (as of 1 Jan. 2024) will be presented with the Emerging Professional Award.

All nominations for the Professional Leadership in Sustainability Award must be supported by a Nominator. Organisations are welcome to nominate their employees for the Award.

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Business Leadership in Sustainability

The Business Leadership in Sustainability Award spotlights organisations that have integrated sustainability into their business and are contributing to the transition towards a greener, more sustainable built environment. The Award is presented to organisations that have meaningfully embraced sustainability into business operations, products & solutions and are beacons of sustainability leadership within their industry.

The Award is open to SMEs and larger organisations across 3 sub-categories:

  • IMPACT - Organisations that have incorporated sustainability into their business models and contributed meaningful impact to the Built Environment sector and stakeholders
  • INNOVATION - Organisations that have developed innovative solutions to address sustainability challenges or facilitated adoption of sustainable practices
  • TRANSFORMATION - Organisations that have undertaken strategic and business transformation to embed sustainability as the organisational core driver

Organisations that have been winners in the last two (2) editions of the Business Leadership in Sustainability Award (2022 and 2019) will not be eligible for this Award.

 Green Mark Champion & Green Mark Pearl Award

The Green Mark Champion and Green Mark Pearl Awards were originally conferred by BCA.

These Awards will not be presented for the 2024 edition as the criteria are being extensively reviewed.

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Building Project Leadership in Sustainability

The Building Project Leadership in Sustainability Award celebrates exemplary green building projects that have demonstrated leadership in the areas of carbon performance, community engagement, health & wellbeing, intelligence and urban renewal. The Award is presented to outstanding green building projects that have achieved excellence in design, construction and operation, pushing the boundaries of built environment sustainability.

The Award is open to building projects of any typology across 5 sub-categories:

  • CARBON PERFORMANCE - Building projects that have undertaken substantial action to minimise its operational and embodied carbon emissions, taking steps to reduce its carbon footprint at each stage of the project. Nominations for this sub-category must be accompanied by a report generated with the Singapore Building Carbon Calculator.
  • COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT - Building projects that have been developed with the community in mind, blending various features to keep occupants engaged and empowered to undertake their own sustainability initiatives.
  • HEALTH & WELLBEING - Building projects that have been developed with a keen emphasis on promoting the health and wellbeing of its occupants, taking the necessary steps to create and maintain a healthy indoor environment.
  • INTELLIGENT BUILDING - Building projects with smart building and intelligent features incorporated to help track, manage and optimise energy, carbon and other building performance parameters
  • URBAN RENEWAL - Building projects that demonstrate a keen focus on sustainability and adaptive reuse of an existing building/space, recognising its heritage but still pursuing a form to best reflect its new purpose.

The Building Project must be located in Singapore, have at least one year of verified operating data and have attained the highest Green Mark rating for the corresponding building project typology (Platinum, Super Low Energy, Zero Energy, Positive Energy).

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Special Awards

First introduced in 2015, these special awards are conferred to industry leaders with outstanding contributions to the built environment sector.

  • The Green Visionary Award commends forerunners who have made ground-breaking contributions or revolutionised industry practices, and continue to lead and influence sustainability efforts locally and regionally.
  • The Lifetime Achievement Award recognises specialists with longstanding contributions to the built environment, and demonstrated leadership or innovation that have a significant impact on building design or operation.


Nominations have closed on 31 March 2024, 11:59PM.

For any clarifications on the Awards, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..