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The Business Leadership in Sustainability Award recognises companies which are truly integrating sustainability into their business models and contributing to the transition towards a sustainable built environment. These organisations understand that sustainability presents a long-term business opportunity, demonstrate sustainable practices within their internal and external operations, and show sustainability leadership within industry.

The Winner(s) of this Award Category will represent Singapore in the World Green Building Council Asia Pacific Leadership Awards in Green Building.

Entry Criteria

The company must be an active SGBC Corporate Member. The core business of the company must be directly contributing to the building sector, with sustainability initiatives covering (but not limited to) the following:

  • Corporate Policy
  • Goals & Planning
  • Operation Policy
  • Industry Leadership
  • Knowledge Sharing

Nominations Open

Nominations are now open till 17 May 2019. Download the Nomination Form for the Business Leadership in Sustainability Award here.

Interested parties are to submit the Nomination Documents (in soft copy and/or CD-rom) directly to BCA or SGBC.



The Leadership in Green Building Product Award recognises companies that place key emphasis on developing and offering industry-proven and environmentally-preferred green building products. These companies have developed a growing stable of green building products that are high performance in terms of contribution in a building (e.g. low volatile organic compound content) and yet produced in a manner with consideration to the environment.

Winners for this Award are determined via an internal assessment matrix based on the organisation’s certification and environmental performance in the Singapore Green Building Product certification scheme. SGBC will notify eligible Winners directly.