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SGBC has lined up a series of insightful seminars, workshops and events that enable industry players to provide valuable knowledge sharing and updated information.


Environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria are increasingly employed to guide green plans and help organisations navigate the unprecedented onus on sustainability. With investors ramping up their emphasis on ESG factors, meaningfully and effectively harnessing these sustainable metrics will generate immense value for real estate players.

At the SGBC-REDAS Green Real Estate Trends Conference 2022, learn more about emerging global trends, developments as well as drivers and draw down actionable knowledge to transform your real estate development and management. Access the Conference on-demand here.


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Put together for the built environment sector by industry organisations the Real Estate Developers Association of Singapore (REDAS) and the Singapore Green Building Council (SGBC), the inaugural Green Real Estate Trends Conference 2021 aims to be the foremost thought leadership digital event for next-generation green building.

This year’s Conference was held over two mornings (5 and 6 August 2021) and convened on 3 key trends to provide holistic and actionable pathways to accelerate sustainability objectives towards a low-carbon future. 

(I) Furthering the Impact of Green Buildings

Green building is set to transform the way we live, work and play this generation and beyond. Hear about building towards a zero-carbon Singapore built environment, developments in the European Union for building sector climate action as well as setting the foundation for next-generation buildings.

(II) Getting to Net Zero Carbon
Decarbonisation is becoming front and centre of any ESG or sustainability strategy. Find out how to bring embodied carbon upfront and what are trends, challenges and opportunities on the road to carbon neutrality.

(III) Sustainability Leadership in Action
Strong sustainability leadership drives positive change. Hear from industry leaders on portfolio decarbonisation strategies as well as their experiences in creating best-in-class green properties.

Approved Conference Recordings and Presentation Materials willl be progressively made availabe for on-demand access on the SGBC Digital Academy.


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Opening Address


 Ar. Tang Kok Thye, President of the Singapore Green Building Council (SGBC)


Mr. Chia Ngiang Hong, President of the Real Estate Developers Association of Singapore (REDAS)


Keynote Address


Mr. Desmond Lee, Minister for National Development


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