SGBC has lined up a series of insightful seminars, workshops and events that enable industry players to provide valuable knowledge sharing and updated information.

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SGBC has lined up a series of insightful seminars, workshops and events that enable industry players to provide valuable knowledge sharing and updated information.


    • 17 Mar 2020

      [Important] Deferment of Renewal Requirements for SGBC-GMAPs (2020/2021)

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      Deferment of renewal requirements for Singapore Green Mark Professional Qualification Scheme for year of practice 2020/21

      Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is a key requirement of the SGBC Green Mark Professional Qualification Scheme to ensure that Green Mark Accredited Professionals (GMAPs) continue to maintain knowledge and skills aligned with current industry and regulatory developments.

      All qualifications under the SGBC Green Mark Professional Qualification Scheme require annual renewal. Renewal of qualifications is granted only upon the fulfilment of requisite CPD points for the respective qualification. For more information on the SGBC Green Mark Professional Qualification Scheme, please visit the Frequently Asked Questions.

      Change in 2020 Renewal Requirements for Green Mark Professional Qualifications expiring 30 June 2020

      In view of the current COVID-19 situation and cancellation of most CPD events, the renewal of Green Mark Professional Qualifications that are expiring on 30 June 2020 will be deferred by 1 year to 30 June 2021. Renewal fees for 2020 will also consequently be waived.

      To qualify for the deferment, GMAPs are required to complete the following actions:

      • Update personal profile, academic qualification, career history and competencies by 31 May 2020.
      • Update CPD activities that have been undertaken in the current CPD year as the points will be brought forward to the next year. CPD activities include completed Green Mark projects, relevant Masters degree/ Doctorate programmes, research publications, seminars and courses.
      • CPD points that have been earned in current CPD accumulation period (01 June 2019 – 31 May 2020) will be carried forward in full to the next CPD accumulation period (01 June 2020 – 31 May 2021).

      All GMAPs are required to log in to the SGBC-GMAP portal and update profile details by 31 May 2020, failing which the account will be made dormant and deactivated.

      For a guide on updating CPD activities, click here.

      Continuation of CPD Events (with control measures) and Shift to e-Learning Platforms

      SGBC continues to seek avenues for GMAPs to continue their professional development. Seating capacities for physical seminars will be scaled-down to take into account social distancing recommendations and refreshments will be served individually.

      SGBC’s CPD programmes are in the midst of being shifted to online platforms and more information will be provided in due course.

      As an added option for professional development, GMAPs may enrol in e-learning programmes offered by the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) as SGBC has reciprocal CPD arrangements with GBCA. CPD points awarded by GBCA will be recognised in full by SGBC’s Green Mark Professional Qualification Scheme. Reciprocal arrangements are being made progressively with other GBCs and further information will be provided when arrangements have been finalised.

      For more information on enrolling in GBCA's e-learning programmes and upload of CPD points, click here.

    • 1-30 Sept 2020

      [Register Now] International Built Environment Week 2020


    • 21 Sep 2020

      [Registration Closed] SGBC Webinar Series: Accelerating Built Environment Transformation


      In the wake of sweeping global developments, there is a great opportunity to communicate the importance of the built environment in keeping families healthy and safe, as well as for businesses to identify new opportunities. Embedding sustainability into business operations is quickly becoming the new normal, alongside a broader systemic relook of our buildings and cities.

      In this SGBC Webinar series supported by Education Partner UL, explore the key built environment trends of carbon neutrality, environmental product declarations and healthy real estate.

    • 25 Sep 2020

      [Save The Date] Act On Climate - Advancing Net Zero in the Built Environment

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      A special session held in support of both International Built Environment Week 2020 and World Green Building Week 2020, the Act On Climate webinar aims to provide an actionable overview of the decarbonisation landscape in the Asia Pacific, with a primary focus on Singapore. The webinar will deep dive into the barriers, drivers, challenges and opportunities for the built environment to Act On Climate for a greener, more sustainable future.

      More details coming soon!


    • 8 & 15 Oct 2020

      [Register Now] SGBC Webinar Series: Putting Wellbeing at the Heart of Spatial Design

      Buildings which are designed for people with intelligent lighting systems and interoperable building services are able to enhance comfort, improve occupant productivity as well as promote health and welling. These buildings are able to make sense of environmental parameters and continuously work to make the workday better for occupants. In this SGBC Webinar series supported by Education Partner Helvar, find out how workplaces can be transformed by putting wellbeing at the heart of spatial design.

      In the 1st session, the intrinsic linkage between intelligent lighting, smart sensing, interoperable building services to wellbeing will be discussed. Additionally, a case study will illustrate how intelligent and interoperable systems can reduce energy consumption, improve efficiency and positively impact health and wellbeing.

      Thursday, 8 October 2020
      3:00PM - 4:00PM (SGT)

      The 2nd session will delve into the power of data in relation to the maintenance and monitoring of lighting systems and other building services. Through case studies and project references, the presentation will cover how intelligent lighting solutions can help drive down energy consumption, reduce operating costs, and improve building performance.

      Thursday, 15 October 2020
      3:00PM - 4:00PM (SGT)

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    • 13 Oct 2020

      [Register Now] SGBC Webinar: Increasing your IQ in IAQ

      Do you know that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has consistently ranked indoor air pollution as one of the most concerning environmental dangers we all face daily? Ventilation is an important aspect for the design of buildings, embraced to prevent the spread of airborne disease. Indoor air pollutants are detrimental to the buildings' occupants' performance, affects the potential of a buildings' energy efficiency, and has wide-reaching implications on business performance as seen by the recent pandemic.

      In this SGBC Webinar, join speakers and experts from Education Partner Siemens as he talks about how implementing a pandemic-proof Indoor Air Quality system together with an Energy as a Service business model can assist with business continuity and ensure savings.

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    • 20 Oct 2020

      [Coming Soon] SGBC Webinar Series: Unlocking Green Finance

      In light of sweeping global developments, organisations are moving sustainability to the front and center of their operations. Environmental, social and governance materiality are beginning to factor heavily into business operations, helping to navigate companies into a more sustainable future.

      Green financing is steadily picking up steam in Singapore but how can businesses use it to unlock greater value and sustainability gains? In this SGBC Webinar Series supported by SGBC Member HSBC Singapore, delve into the very concept of green financing and find out how it can help green the built environment.

      More details to come soon!

    • 22 Oct 2020

      [Register Now] SGBC Webinar: Powering Sustainability with EnergyTech For A Low Carbon Future

      The COVID-19 pandemic has led to unprecedented challenges for many industries including the built environment. With a challenging global economic outlook ahead, how can sustainability goals continue to be advanced and accelerated towards a low carbon future?

      In this SGBC Education Spotlight webinar, speakers from SP Group will share more about digital energy technologies and case studies that bring together operational efficiency, energy efficiency and improvement in occupant well-being for commercial buildings, townships and districts. To gain perspectives and insights on how to advance sustainability to the next level in the built environment, this webinar is not to be missed.

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