SGBP Leaderboard 3


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Last year, the BCA Green Mark Scheme has reached an important milestone as it marks a decade of sustainability. In the recent release of the Global Sustainable Buildings Index, Singapore has fared well in terms of green building certifications, incentives, and policies.

To date, BCA has greened more than 30% of Singapore’s building stock. A Photo Story has been created to update key green initiatives championed by BCA in spurring the green building movement, together with various stakeholders.

The key highlights are:

  • Green buildings enjoy increase in asset value and greater energy savings.
  • Green buildings now enjoy greater business opportunities as public sector agencies are required to lease office venues and rent event spaces from green buildings through the Public Sector Taking the Lead in Environmental Sustainability (PSTLES) initiatives,
  • BCA introduced various measures under our 3rd Green Building Masterplan to achieve continued leadership, sustained high building performance and wider collaboration and engagement in our green building movement, with emphasis on users’ contribution, and
  • BCA, alongside with industry’s stakeholders, have been playing an active role in pushing the boundaries of sustainability. This has transformed Singapore into an internationally recognised Green Building Hub with established green capabilities.

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