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The World Green Building Council has announced that 50 signatories have now signed up to the Net Zero Carbon Buildings Commitment (the Commitment), launched in September 2018.

This announcement is part of WorldGBC's recently released Advancing Net Zero Status Report 2019 which details efforts to demonstrate market demand and readiness to take on the challenge of decarbonising the global building stock.

Additionally, the report features actions from Green Building Council (GBCs) across the globe facilitating this market transformation such as:
• the release of nine new net zero carbon certification schemes (from France, Canada, Brazil, Austrailia, South Africa, Germany, Swden, India, USA) and two frameworks (from the Netherlands and the UK)
• certifying nearly 390 buildings globally as net zero carbon
• raising awareness through advocacy activities of the urgency and achievability of net zero carbon buildings
• developing industry capacity through educational programmes and industry events

Read the Report here.