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The Global Alliance for Buildings and Construction released on 11 December 2019 the 2019 Global Status Report on Building and Construction at the COP25 UN Climate Conference held in Madrid. The report underlines that dramatic improvements in the way the world’s buildings are built, designed and operated are urgently needed if the vast, globally significant building and construction sector is to play its part in meeting international goals under the Paris Agreement.

The report also shows that CO2 emissions from the world’s buildings and their construction remain stubbornly at around 39 per cent of total carbon dioxide emissions and underlines several worrying trends – overwhelming the many positive ones also featured – that governments need to address now to get on track to meet targets by 2030 and beyond. Indeed, without action, energy demands for this sector could rise by 50 per cent by 2060. Essentially, the 2019 Global Status Report for Buildings and Construction posits that we are not on track: without serious and sustained action, these rising energy demands from this vital sector mean we cannot achieve the urgently needed climate transition or the sustainable development goals. The full media release can be read here.

Read the full report:

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