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NCCS Survey 2019

The Climate Change Public Perception Survey 2019 commissioned by the National Climate Change Secretariat (NCCS) found that over 90 per cent of Singapore residents are aware of climate change and its impact; and close to 80 per cent are prepared to do more to fight climate change.

 Conducted from May to July 2019, the survey gauged public perception and views on climate change. About 1,000 Singapore residents aged 15 and above were interviewed face-to-face for their views. This survey has been conducted by the Government once every two years since 2011. The key findings of the survey are:

  1. Higher public awareness of climate change and its impact
  2. Strong support for Singapore to shift to low-carbon economy
  3. More individuals are taking climate-friendly actions. Most are motivated to preserve a liveable world for future generations.
  4. Collective action is needed.

More details on the survey findings can be found here:

Details of key findings are also illustrated in the infographic below:

pps-infographic-final page-0001

pps-infographic-final page-0002