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A consultancy study was conducted by the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) to examine the robustness and cost effectiveness of the BCA Green Mark Schemes.

The one-year study was done by Squire Mech Pte Ltd (jointly with RSP Architects Planners & Engineers (Pte) Ltd, Building System & Diagnostics Pte Ltd, Arcadis Singapore Pte Ltd). The study focused on the latest GM criteria for new buildings: GM Non-Residential Building 2015 (NRB: 2015), and GM Residential Building 2016 (RB: 2016).

One of the study's deliverables is to conduct a Life Cycle Cost Analysis (LCCA) to assess the cost effectiveness of Green Mark versus non-Green Mark projects. Some of the areas that were examined include the green cost premium, payback period and lifecycle cost savings throughout the lifespan of the buildings.

Key Findings for Life Cycle Cost Analysis (LCCA)

The key findings are summarised below:

  • Green Mark building reap net positive savings throughout its life cycle, with energy savings outweighing the upfront investment cost
  • The Net Present Value of the savings stream commensurate with the Green Mark rating
  • Strong business case for developers to adopt the highest Green Mark rating

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