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SGBC and BCA will co-create the next Singapore Green Building Masterplan (SGBMP 2020) with stakeholders from the public, private and people sectors, including Trade Associations and Chambers (TACs).

 One of the key initiatives under the SGBMP 2020 is to review the mandatory minimum environmental sustainability standards for buildings. To support the push towards more energy efficient buildings, BCA plans to raise the minimum energy performance standards for both new and existing buildings in the coming years. BCA will engage stakeholders to work on the details through the SGBMP 2020 co-creation process.

BCA also intends to publish the energy performance data for all buildings with the building’s name, address and energy performance data made public on BCA’s website. This will allow building owners to benchmark their buildings’ energy performance against others, encourage them to retrofit to improve their buildings’ energy efficiency, and benefit from energy savings.

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