With our unique position within the building and construction industry, SGBC can provide relevant resources to help organisations and individuals to build green.

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About Better Places for People

Better Places for People is the World Green Building Council's (WorldGBC) global project to support green building councils (GBCs) and their members worldwide to increase the demand and supply of green buildings which are supportive of the health, wellbeing and productivity of the people within them. As human health and wellbeing will take centre stage for the foreseeable future, the built environment must adapt to deliver healthy, equitable and resilient buildings, communities and cities.




Towards Better Places For People

Better Places for People aims to accelerate the demand and supply of buildings that support people in living healthier, happier lives by raising awareness of how buildings impact people, and by presenting the business case for action. A variety of resources in the form of research reports, actionable guidelines as well as technical resources can be found on the WorldGBC Better Places For People microsite. These include materials for green and healthy workplaces, retail establishments, homes, schools and a dedicated section on air quality in the built environment. 


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Localising Better Places For People

SGBC has adapted the WorldGBC Better Places For People content into a more targeted, localised context. In fact, the new SGBC Office at the BCA Braddell Campus was designed and fitted out with health and wellbeing in mind, addressing all 7 features of a green and healthy workplace determined by the Better Places For People project. Read more about the SGBC Office here:

SGBC has worked with industry partners to extoll the virtues of green and healthy places and spaces to the industry and beyond. Lunchtime talks and knowledge sessions have been organised for building tenants not immediately involved in building and construction, along with sustainability roadshows and public sharing sessions. SGBC has also been involved with community events to raise awareness of green homes and workplaces.

A list of educational materials can be found here:

  • To download a list of tips to green your offices, click here.
  • To download a brochure on greening your homes for health and wellbeing, click here.
  • To download a list of indoor plants that can help improve indoor air quality, click here.