Singapore Green Building Product Certification Scheme

SGBP 2020

Green building is one of the solutions proven to be effective in the fight against global climate change. With smaller environment footprints and reduced energy, water and resource consumption levels, green buildings play a pivotal role in shaping the future of the built environment.

While green building design is essential to any modern green building, the importance of the materials and products used in these buildings cannot be discounted as well. After all, the resulting green building is the sum of its parts, the various materials working in harmony with an efficient design that helps create a sustainable structure that will stand for decades.

Therefore, as the literal building blocks of the buildings we live, work and play in, how do we ensure that our homes and workplaces are constructed with truly environmental-friendly materials?

Building Green for Green Buildings

The only industry-centric certification scheme for green building products and materials, the Singapore Green Building Product (SGBP) certification scheme aims to aggregate and amass a wide selection of green building materials for the industry through a comprehensive and holistic methodology. Working in collaboration with both the public and private sectors, each product’s sustainability criteria is drafted by professionals and experts for the industry, by the industry.

This grounded methodology enables building products to be impartially evaluated for their relevant, noteworthy qualities, benchmarked against similar products in its category. As a direct result of this emphasis on industrial applicability, the SGBP certification scheme is highly recognised under the Building and Construction Authority’s (BCA) Green Mark Scheme, allowing certified products to accrue additional points that count towards a project’s eventual sustainability rating.

The Industry Standard

The SGBP scheme is regarded as one of the key standards and benchmarks for green building products in the building and construction industry. As such, the SGBP is well recognised under the Green Mark Scheme, Singapore's national green building rating tool administered by the Building and Construction Authority (BCA).

In the criteria for the Green Mark Scheme for New Buildings (Non-Residential) 2015, under Section 3.02c Sustainable Products, SGBP certified products specified and used can score points under the Functional Systems Criteria and/or Singular Sustainable Products outside of Functional Systems Criteria, up to a maximum of 8 points. Functional Systems consist of Flooring, Ceiling, Roof, External Wall, Internal Wall and Door systems; Singular Sustainable Products outside of Functional Systems cover Hardscape and Building Services products.

In addition, usage of SGBP products rated 2-ticks and above can accrue a maximum of 2 additional points. These products can form part of functional systems or singular sustainable products scored under Section 3.02c.


SGBP Rating


Points per Product

 Very Good






More information on the SGBP's recognition under the BCA Green Mark scheme can be found here:

Criteria & Assessment

As one of the primary mandates of the Singapore Green Building Council, the SGBP is built upon the collective knowledge and expertise of the building and construction industry. Adhering to the ISO 14024 Type I Environmental Labelling Programme, the SGBP’s framework is founded on sound scientific and engineering principles and encompasses a vast range of building products.

SGBP Categories 2016

Building products are assessed on their environmental properties and performance through a comprehensive list of assessment criteria covering the five key areas of Energy Efficiency, Water Efficiency, Resource Efficiency, Health & Environmental Protection and Other Green Features.

This rating level differentiates the environmental and sustainability performance of the certified product, a testament of the product’s environmental commitment. Products will be rated and scored accordingly to the stipulated criteria. SGBC maintains a list of Lab Partners that can help you perform the necessary tests and assessments as required by the criteria. Depending on the assessed environmental qualities of the product, it will be awarded a rating ranging from 1-tick to 4-ticks (Good to Leader).

 SGBP Combined

3 Steps to Certification

Connect with Us

A dedicated staff member will be assigned to work with you to identify the scope of your products to be certified. Information such as the basic certification requirements, important criteria, key milestones and salient points of the certification process will be shared with you.

Consolidate and Collect

You will prepare, collect and consolidate all supporting documentation to kick-start the assessment process.

Completion and Certification

Upon successful completion, SGBC will issue the certificate and your certified products will be listed on the SGBP Certification Directory on the Singapore Green Building Council’s website at 

This interactive Directory is actively used by building industry professionals such as architects, consultants and building owners.

Your Business Benefits

The SGBP is of immense market value:

  • Possess a competitive edge in the industry – Differentiate your products in a competitive industry and improve the ability to secure new business
  • Proven sustainability performance – Measure your product’s sustainability against industry benchmarks and standards
  • Ready acceptance by the industry – SGBP labelling scheme-certified products are preferred for their environmental performance by the authorities, developers, specifiers, architects etc.
  • Enhance global access – Cast your net wide and gain global outreach with wider exposure through the Green Building network, SGBC and its corporate partners

With the SGBP certification, your product is assured of its superior environmental performance benchmarked against current industrial standards, serving as a credible sustainability credential for your product(s). Suppliers/ manufacturers can leverage on the SGBP to bring their product greater awareness and eventual usage in our current and future buildings.


For more details, download the SGBP Brochure here or contact the SGBC's Certification team at Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Tel:+65 6732 5518.